T-dah is an Open Sourced Universal Webmail origially developed by Aldoir Ventura under the name Uebimiau in which we picked up late in 2007. It is free and can be installed on any server that supports PHP.

Features at a glance

  • Full featured webmail based on apache
  • Complete POP3 Webmail Reader
  • Runs under any System with PHP
  • Running on all Windows and Linux
  • Does not use a database or cookies
  • Easy 5 minute installation
  • PHP 4.4 & 5.x supported
  • Can use a variety of skins
  • Compatible with the MIME Standard
  • Easily translated to any language
  • Compatible Postfix Sendmail or QMAIL
  • New administration section
  • New Chat & Calendar


This software is open source


T-dah is Open Source. That means you can download and use it for free and you don't have to pay anything for distribution . But if you use it commercially or just want to say "thank you" you should donate to the project. How to donate? Just take a look here to help us out.


Download: from SourceForge
Demo: T-dah 3.2.0-2.2
New Snap shot: Work in progress